Ferrari F450: The Next Generation



Unlike CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ferrari’s follow-up to the F430 is expected to be good, if not completely sublime. Power is rumoured to come from a 4.5L (thus the name, duh) V8 with around 500 hp and a redline approaching Formula 1 levels.

This rendering doesn’t look too bad to me, but then again, I’m not the one buying it. Not that the looks really matter, because if Ferrari can get a waiting list going for the new California convertible, they could sell snow to eskimos.

The newest Fezza is expected to employ several weight-saving technologies as foreshadowed by the FXX Millechili concept. So it should be more powerful and lighter than the F430. More like the Scud missile, then. I quite like the sound of that.

If this rendering is anywhere near accurate, and I’m sure that someone was paid handsomely to make sure that it is, the front end reminds me too much of the Tesla Roadster. Maybe Ferrari is trying to cash in on some of the green cred that Tesla has acquired. Funny, Daimler is trying to do the same thing.

Is green the new red?

[Auto Plus via Jalopnik]