Tesla Motors Canada? CEO Spills the Beans on Electric Car’s Future


2009 Tesla Roadster

Sure, we’ve all heard about the wonders of the Tesla Roadster. At the price it’s commanding, however, it’s likely most CarEnvy.ca readers are probably in the same boat as us writers—we can look, but unless we suddenly win a monumentally huge inheritance, no way can we buy one.

What’s that, you say? Tesla’s got a plan for an electric car for everyone up its sleeve—well, after the $57K (US) Model S sedan lowers the stakes a little in 2011? And better still, they might consider making this third generation of electric wondercar in Ontario? CEO Elon Musk tells all below.

In an exclusive interview with the Star, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk spoke at length about his plans for the future. They’ll largely depend on how the Canadian and US dollars are comparing as the time draws nearer, but he’s very positive about the existing infrastructure for and attitude toward electric cars in Canada. Add into that the fact that some excellent and efficient auto plants already exist in Canada, not to mention Musk’s proud Canadian heritage, and it’s not hard to figure out why he might be seeing heady Northern climes in Tesla’s future.

As concerns about environmental sustainability continue to mount, both throughout North America and around the world, it’s refreshing to see someone taking steps to secure a more environmentally thoughtful future—while still maintaining what’s good and fun about cars.

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