Tesla Fails Basic Accounting (Roadster Price Increase)



In an attempt to recoup the losses that Tesla motors has sustained producing their Roadster, they have decided to change the price on some options from “included” to “give us more money please.” In addition, they haven’t just changed the price of these things, but they have retroactively done so. Luckily for Tesla, there is a clause covering precisely this in the buyer’s contracts.When Tesla motors set the initial price of the roadster at $92,000 USD, they were working under the assumption that the cars would cost about $60,000 USD. Apparently, somebody is very bad at math, as the first run of roadsters actually cost Tesla $140,000 a piece. Even after cutting the cost down to around $100,000 a piece and a $10,000 price hike, the company was still looking for ways to actually turn a profit, which is the supposed goal of a business.

People who have already pair for their roadsters have now been asked to pay $3,000 for their turbine-blade rims and an additional $3000 for what is now being called the “high-speed charger.” While the wheels would be a bit of a let down for somebody who didn’t want to pay an additional three grand, the charger is absolutely necessary. Without it a full charge could take as long as 37 hours. Just imagine having to get a motel room every time you took your car to a gas station.

In order to work on their proposed $60,000 electric sedan (in reality $75,000, but still costing $85,000 to produce), Tesla Motors would require a $350 million government loan, which, for some reason, profitability is a prerequisite for. Apparently, one needs money to pay back loans.

Perhaps naming all of their offices after failed electric cars was bad luck.