Mercedes Goes All Retro On Us (F-CELL Roadster Concept)




Someone at Mercedes heard that the American auto companies have been having some success with retro styling. Therefore, Daimler has reached into their past to create this concept, and I hesitate to call it this, car. They have designed a car for the fuel-cell loving Amish man. More ’90s retro after the jump.

1890s, of course. The car looks like what would be in a Victorian Formula One race. It runs on a fuel cell, which is interesting, and has a 350 kilometer range, which is awesome. What’s not so awesome is that I can out run it. The top speed is a glacial 25 kph. To put that in perspective, some people can run at 40 kph. It would be faster and more efficient if it had pedals and a chain.

On the other hand, it is a weird sci-fi, steam-punkish F-cell buggy with an F1 nose and concept car cheese Lambo doors. While this is in no way a useful device, the sheer weirdness of it makes me like it, even if it is about as useful as putting a NOS sticker on a horse.

Does anybody else enjoy this device?