Tesla is Such a Tease (Tesla Model S)



Tesla Motors pulled a Marilyn Monroe and let the skirt of the Model S fly up just briefly, bringing our sexual tension anticipation, to an all time high. The flasher revealed her bumper, right head-lamp, wheels, and the bottom of her doors. Hot stuff. So now that the Model S has us all… excited, we just want to know if it will deliver. More after the Jump.

Tesla says the Model S will be available in 18 months and will cost about USD $64,000. US citizens will then get a USD $7,500 tax refund for buying it. We all have friends from down there, so get them to buy it for you. More exciting is the news about the car’s performance, however. Tesla says that it will hit 100 kph in less than six seconds, but will still top out at 193 kph (120 mph). The better news is that they expect it to have a 300 mile range, which is up 60 miles from the roadster, and that this is their minimum projection. They might invent a better battery in the next year and a half.  Charging will still take about four hours, although with a (non-existent) 440V/160A power supply, the car could charge in as little as 45 minutes.

With all this in place, Tesla is expecting to recieve the government loan that they are after, and if they don’t the Model S should only be delayed for “6 to 12 months.”  

Also, if you already own a Tesla Roadster, I want to be your friend, and you will be offered a discount on the Model S.

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