Top Gear Magazine Announces 2009 Cars of the Year – We Judge Them



Since hasn’t finalized its 2009 Cars of the Year, the second best publication around, Top Gear Magazine, will have to do for now. Their criteria are a little different than ours, and so are their categories, but we still value their opinion. Why? Because we have a subscription and the 1.5 centimetre thick, $13 magazines are worth it every penny, believe it or not. Also, unlike our awards, car companies actually care if they win the TG honours. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a CarEnvy award plastered on an advertisement. TG award? Definitely.

Follow the jump to find out who took top honours.

Supercar: Ferrari 458 Italia

CarEnvy says: Even though it’s not officially on sale, and there’s an absurd waiting list anyways, there’s no better car out there for out-and-out driver enjoyment and effortless speed.

Hot Hatch: Volkswagen GTI

CarEnvy says: Hard to beat. It’s the perfect all-’rounder and incredibly mature. The GTI has done to the hot hatch was the Porsche 911 has done to the everyday supercar: refined, refined, and refined a little more.

Muscle Car: Ford Focus RS

CarEnvy says: 300+ hp in a FWD car? You must be joking. Apparently Ford of Europe doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Family Car: Skoda Yeti

CarEnvy says: The VW-owned Czech brand continues to redefine value and quality. Another hit.

Least Boring Green Car: Ford Fiesta Econetic

CarEnvy says: Ford knows how to build exciting cars. See Muscle Car award for further proof.

Luxury Car: Skoda Superb

CarEnvy says: Uhhh, really? A Skoda?

Most Beautiful Car: Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

CarEnvy says: Tough to argue with the Alfa

Manufacturer: Renaultsport

CarEnvy says: No one gets small, fun, and properly quick cars like les gents de Renaultsport.

GT Car: Mercedes SLS AMG

CarEnvy says: Merc’s PR might have you believing that they’ve built an Ferrari-beater with the Gullwing, but don’t believe it for a second. They’ve built a car that you’d want to travel in from Vancouver to Percé Rock. In the summer, of course.

City Car: Toyota Prius

CarEnvy says: It might pain us to admit it, but the new Prius is really quite good. If you’re using it in the city, it truly shines.

Sports Car: Lotus Evora

CarEnvy says: Lotus might not have created the most powerful sports car out there, but for balance, feel, and (whisper it) comfort, the Evora is top-notch. Plus, it’s British so you know TG is going to fawn all over it.

Saloon (Sedan) Car: Jaguar XF S Diesel

CarEnvy says: Easy on the eyes, powerful, AND efficient? We need this car in Canada. Pronto.

Lifetime Achievement: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

CarEnvy says: Long name, yes, but also the swan song for the epitome of supercar flamboyance and excess.

SUV: Audi Q7 V12 TDI

CarEnvy says: Not sure why the SUV-hating UK magazine would have such a category in the first place, but the numbers the V12 TDI puts down might have something to do with it. That’d be 500 hp and 1000 Nm (738 ft-lb) of torque. Gulp.

Interior: Jaguar XJ

CarEnvy says: The Brits like the interior of a British luxury sedan? Weird… Although maybe it’s even more odd that no one has driven the car yet, much less produced it.

Car of the Year: Ferrari 458 Italia

CarEnvy says: It’s a new Ferrari, what did you expect?

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