Spyshots: 2011 Ferrari F450 (F430 Replacement)



The current Ferrari F430 is that car. Y’know, the car that is so good to drive and makes you feel like such a hero that it is the benchmark in its class. It’s the car that all the other manufacturers strive to emulate but always fall short. Kind of like the 3-series. But like any competition where the leader is stagnant, the competition catches up. The recently released Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is a brilliant car and makes serious strides to narrow the gap between itself and the F. So it is time for the Ferrari to widen the gap again. 

The F450 is expected to employ a 4.5L V8, possibly with twin-turbos, when it comes to market in 2011. Based on some of the scrunched body panels, the F450 is expected to have a longer wheelbase than the F430 as well as larger cooling vents. 

The F450 will likely take design and technology cues from the 2007 Ferrari Mille Chile eco-concept. Some of the more environmentally friendly technology we could see in the F450 include turbocharging, a hybrid battery system, active aerodynamics, regenerative braking, a dual-clutch auto transmission, and the use of lightweight materials. 

Right now, even Ferrari needs to make strides towards reducing emissions and improving fuel economy, if only for public perception. Hopefully, Ferrari doesn’t sell its soul at the alter of “green” public perception and change the colour of its cars from red to green. As long as Ferrari continues to make that car, the green bit will always be secondary. 



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