Open Your Aston Martin One-77-Shaped Christmas Present!


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas car lovers!

You’ve all been very good boys and girls this year, so you needn’t fear the cold carbon clumps of failure that greet bad children on Christmas morning. Most certainly not. In fact, you’ve been so excellent over the past 12 months that you deserve to be rewarded for your good deeds. Whether those good deeds included shoveling your neighbour’s walk, brushing and flossing daily, or leaving us a thoughtful blog comment matters not one iota; all that matters is your positive intention each and every day.

Your earnestly earned reward is nothing less than the exquisite Aston Martin One-77! Sadly, there simply aren’t enough One-77s for all of you, there are only 77 after all, so we’ve made you a fairer and more democratic gift: some quality photography that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. All you have to do is imagine the wrapping paper and bow.

So take some time over the holidays to enjoy YOUR 19-image tour of the most powerful naturally aspirated car in the world. Your gallery highlights include engineering wonders like the hand-crafted aluminum doors that spill uninterrupted into the side mirrors and the flawlessly aligned carbon fibre weave of the rear diffuser. It’s a cornucopia of lovingly crafted particularity – “One” that goes splendidly with egg nog and family.

Rip off the wrapping paper below!

Your One-77 was captured under the lurid fluorescent lighting of the LA Convention Center, home of the 2011 LA Auto Show, which we attended last month. But the One-77 is so brilliant that it still shines like a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity – or as you probably know it, a star.

Here’s the seamlessly symmetrical carbon fibre rear diffuser we mentioned earlier…

If we zoom out a bit we can see that there are a whopping eight vertical slats thrusting out of the smooth-as-a-seal underbody.

Not to mention the active exhaust baffles! (seen in the open position above)

This cantilevered mirror, extending like an aluminum olive branch from the sculpted door, is what makes a $2M car a $2M car. It’s hand-freaking-crafted!

Compared to a Pagani, the ultimate in bespoke automobilia, the One-77′s interior is more austere and functional – German even. Not that German-born Aston boss Dr. Ulrich Bez had anything to do with that. Nope, definitely not.

Enough LED diodes to light up a Christmas tree.

The inboard rear suspension plays peek-a-boo through the glass hatch.

That’s it, boys and girls, Merry Christmas! (and a very Happy Hannukah!)