Aston Martin Dinghy…er, Cygnet Concept, Revealed!



As we previously mentioned, Aston Martin is indeed going ahead with their plans for their Cygnet—the retooled, rebadged Toyota iQ. Believe it or not, I can sort of see their point. No, it’s not because of my fondness for small, weird cars. (Even I wasn’t sold on it initially, and I’m still not 100% convinced now.) Follow the jump and see if you can follow AM’s logic like I did—oh, and also, there’s a gallery.

You see, Aston Martin are intending the Cygnet to only be cared for by people who already own other Aston Martins. Dr. Ulrich Bez said himself that he sees this as being an exclusive yacht tender. According to Aston Martin’s research, most AM owners have some other small city car as their daily driver. You’re hardly going to take your AM everywhere, are you? Even if you’ve got the spare cash, it’s unlikely you’ll feel the need to show off that much wherever you go…nevermind the paranoia that something might happen every moment you’re away from your car. Unless, of course, you’re 007 in the midst of a car chase, in which case it’s likely that you don’t care. In the unlikely event that you are 007, and are for some reason reading, chances are good you probably won’t need one of these to crash, as it will likely not have enough power for your high-speed chase needs.

Taken with that very specific set of circumstances in mind, this might prove to be a canny move on Aston Martin’s part. Maybe. Depending on whether or not they succeed in making it feel more like an Aston and less like a Toyota. Their interior is a good start, but the real test will be in how it drives. Then again, if many Aston owners already have a Smart in their garages, perhaps it won’t be such a real test after all.

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