photographie des automobiles par laurent nivalle


Photography is one of the most accessible forms of art. Seemingly, all it requires is a good camera (such as a Leica) and a subject, whereas something like sculpture requires, y’know, skill. Yet despite the seemingly mundane pre-reqs, photography is still a difficult art form to master, just like any other. Photography isn’t just accessible for artists though, it’s accessible for consumers of art. An evocative photo doesn’t require a Masters in Fine Arts to appreciate the way a Kandinksy might – everyone can feel delight, sadness, or sympathy immediately. Little digestion of the art is required.

Today’s gallery is from the Art Director of Citröen, Laurent Nivalle. As you can see from the photo above, Laurent is gifted in his trade. Below is a sampling of his work, showing splendid attention to detail and vivid imagination.

[Laurent Nivalle]