Supercar Saturday: Aston Martin One-77 Strips Down



Do you like car porn? I’m not talking about the booth professionals who catch your eye at the car show, I’m talking about brilliantly engineered cars that strip down to their skivvies. 

As far as brilliantly engineered cars go, the Aston Martin One-77 is up there on the list. Even if it hasn’t gone to production yet, just the idea of aluminum (aluminium?), carbon fibre, and a V12 together in the same place is enough to get the blood flowing to the nether regions. 

Chris Porritt is the Chief Program Manager for the AM One-77 project and he did a little tour of the British seductress with the boys over at Autoblog. I know, I know. Autoblog isn’t exactly known for their wry humour and critical perspective, but they do have good research and they’re always up-to-date with the news. That’s why I’ve chosen to make an exception and link to their article after the jump. If you do make it over there, maybe it’s best to just focus on the pictures :)


[Autoblog Uncovers Aston Martin One-77]