Videos: Aston Martin One-77 Live Reveal and Engine Sound!


The £1.25 million (or CAN$ 1.93 million dollar) One-77, of which only seventy-seven will ever be produced, was recently revealed for the media at LA’s Galpin Motors after this past week’s Pebble Beach Concours. There, select members of the public were privy to something truly surreal and truly extraordinary. When I think of the Aston Martin V12 found in the DB9, I think of lazy, yet brutal, power. So when I heard that Aston was boring and/or stroking the 6.0L out to 7.3L for the One-77, I certainly didn’t expect the sound to be anything like it is. I fully expected muscle car tones, maybe like a ‘68 Mustang 390 GT. And yet, there I was, jaw agape, as I heard the Carrera GT-like sound emanating from the aluminum and carbon fibre sculpture. See what I mean below

Be sure to jump to the 5-min mark to hear those twelve trumpets and seven-point-three litres sounding off.

How is a sound like that possible from an engine like that? How do F1 screams come instead of lowly, big-block, grumbly roars? That’d be the ceramic-coated headers made from an aluminum alloy, the F1-style inboard push-rod activated dampers, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t really understand.

Consider me a One-77 convertee. A $1.93 million dollar car never seemed like such a good deal.

[Motorator via Autoblog]