Cadillac Coupe Confirmed: CTS Goes 2-Door


Cadillac today unveiled the 2011 CTS Coupe, the latest and most

BMW, Audi and Infiniti have compact coupes in their lineup so it seemed reasonable to assume that Cadillac would make a production version of its CTS coupe concept.

Confirmation of production was going through an off and on phase as the restructuing at GM carried on, but now it’s official. The new coupe will join the sedan and wagon in the CTS lineup.

GM calls it Cadillac’s “most radical design”, whereas I call it the best you can do only having a ruler at your disposal. Too many sharp edges. But hey, that’s the new design direction, and there is definitely no mistaking it for anything else on the market.

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Only the headlights, grille and front fender are borrowed from the CTS sedan. The coupe will sit two inches lower and will produce a healthy 304 horses and 273 pounds feet of torque. No confirmation if a CTS-V coupe will spawn, however with our boy Bobby Lutz indicating favourably for such a version of the CTS wagon, it’s a pretty safe bet the coupe will get the V treatement in the future.

But right-arm-rowers can rejoice that a 6-speed manual transmission will be standard fit.

Let’s hope Cadillac has addressed the lackluster steering, all-too-soft ride, and ancient manual gearbox found in the CTS sedan for coupe to truly take on zee Germans.