Chevy and Cadillac: Taking Aim



GM just couldn’t contain themselves with announcements today including how the Chevy Volt supposedly gets 230 mpg city.

That’s all fine and good, but the real exciting news is actually from GM’s most interesting brand of late: Cadillac.

VP of Design Ed Welburn reportedly showed off a concept that will replace both the boring DTS and the forgotten STS. Dubbed the XTS, it draws on much of the styling cues that we saw in the Cadillac Sixteen concept (which was actually driven by Top Gear’s James May, and he was quite fond of it).

The Sixteen concept debuted in 2003 and one would probably be forgiven for wondering why GM would want to borrow styling cues from a seven year old car, but the truth is, the Sixteen was fairly ahead of its time in terms of design and was quite radical for a Cadillac.

Alongside this news, Cadillac has also announced a small RWD (with AWD available) platform which will take aim at the 3-series specifically, and will try to take a shot at the C-Class, A4, G37 and IS while it is at it. It is dubbed the ATS and will come in coupe and sedan variants.

This would suggest that, like the 3-series, the CTS is likely to grow in size and become more upscale. No word on when the CTS will relinquish the entry Cadillac title to the ATS, but with the CTS coupe and wagon on their way, we may have to wait awhile until the CTS is done with the spotlight before we see the ATS.

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