Rhys Millen + Genesis Coupe = Mid-Engined V8 Insanity


sema-mid-engine-hyundai-genesis-coupe-2-thumb-555x416With SEMA coming up in Las Vegas, Hyundai is keen to show off how hip and cool it is. Here’s an excerpt from Hyundai’s internal monologue: “See? Look! I can make an affordable RWD car! See? Look! I can make a mid-engined car! Aren’t I just the best?” What’s next, a Hyundai in The Fast and The Furious 5?

Kind of a cute idea, I suppose, this mid-engined thing. But it’s also completely batshit crazy. When every other manufacturer in the world is tripping over themselves to either a) design a better Camry (ahem, GM and Ford), or b) invent new niches of the market for people who don’t want Camries (ahem Venza, 5-Series GT), Hyundai is doing what everyone else is scared to. That is, build good cars that are affordable for enthusiasts like us. The Genesis Coupe is a steal of a deal because it offers enthusiast appeal and tunability at a price that GTI’s, Evo’s, and S2000’s can’t touch.

But back to the mid-engined part. Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) is doing the job in advance of SEMA. They’re taking the 4.6L V8 from the Genesis sedan, and lightly modding it to around 450hp from the stock 375. The gearbox will be a five-speed sequential unit. Follow below for a ten pic gallery of the RMR insanity.

[Edmunds StraightLine]