GM’s Cadillac CTS-V Challenge at Monticello



In case you’ve been living in the dark for the last few weeks, GM has been pumping up its Cadillac CTS-V Challenge at Monticello Raceway just outside New York City. The “May The Best Car Win” campaign is spearheaded by none other than Maximum Bob Lutz, who will be behind the wheel of a CTS-V. Challengers from across the (American) blogosphere were challenged to bring their fastest 4-door production sedans to go head-to-head with the CTS-V. Jalopnik brought a Mitsu Evo X, TTAC/SSL’s Jack Baruth used a CTS-V because he couldn’t get anything else, and there’s also an M3 and a RS4, but an auspicious lack of Porsche Panameras.

Well today is the day. So follow all the action on something called Tweeter, or something. Click here to follow it live.

Anything under 3 minutes is quite strong on the wet and twisty track. So far, the best time I’ve seen is 2:48 by some guy named Aron L. in the CTS-V.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the layout of the track, follow below to see a map of Monticello.


[Photo credits: Jalopnik]