Video: Conan O’Brien Rocks the ’92 Taurus SHO


Since we’ve been in kind of a “video” mood lately, let’s keep running with the assemblage of assorted automotive audiovisuals. Here we have Conan O’Brien, the once-host of The Tonight Show and renowned 1992 Ford Taurus SHO (that’d be the one with the sexy 3.0L Yamaha V6), in an interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes.

The dryness of the humour is almost too much. It’s absolutely brilliant that Kroft can keep up with someone as sharp as Coco, the latter of which has grown on me since his departure from The Tonight Show and the subsequent creation of a Twitter account (@ConanOBrien).

The banter needs to be good because all the good automotive whirs, whooshes, and rumbles have been edited out. The shots of Conan working the well-used 5-speed are an unexpected surprise though. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.