Crown Vic Finally Being Replaced For Police Officers



Last night I got caught up in a police check point. Apparently Johnny Law had nothing better to do than to check to make sure everyone’s MVI’s were up to date. As I approached, the first thing I noticed was the previous generation Impala being used as the police cruiser. Me being me, I decided that I would ask the nice officer how much he enjoyed driving it once he gave me the A-Ok for my MVI.

“Move long, sir” was the response I got. I wasn’t mad though. I’d be pretty annoyed at being reminded that my work vehicle was an Impala too. That’s not to say the ancient yet mostly standard Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser is anything to get excited about, but I’ve posed this seemingly annoying question to cops before and all invariably say that they prefer the Crown Vic. The problem is Crown Vic production is scheduled to end in the next few years.

This gave GM the opportunity to jump into the fray as the unofficial supplier for the police accross the country bringing back the Pontiac G8 to our shores as a police cruiser and badging it as a Chevy Caprice.

Not so fast, says Ford. It was announced today that Ford isn’t ready to give up the rights just yet and is going to build a new interceptor that promises to be durable, safe, fast and frugal on gas. Ford Taurus SHO anyone?

So the question for all you police officers who frequent CarEnvy is: which would you rather a Taurus SHO or Chevy Caprice as your criminal catcher?