Chevy Caprice To Be Sold To North American Public


Would you fancy this car in your driveway if it didn’t have the fussy light bits and the ropes blocking it off? Then the beleaguered General Motors will be happy to supply you with one.

Previously, the Chevy Caprice, essentially a badge-job of the now-deceased Pontiac G8, was only available as a fleet vehicle for policemen and such. But the ever-vocal minority of automotive enthusiasts have created the impression of demand in the eyes of GM and persuaded the soon-to-IPO firm to release the Caprice for public consumption. I find humour in this because the people who write on the internet (ahem) aren’t the type to go out and buy a new, domestic product. They just aren’t. And if they are, it’s only to prove a point. That point being that domestic products have come a long way and are now worth purchasing. Ok, fair enough, I suppose. I’ll agree that the G8 was a proper product, but it was still a 4-door muscle car without any of the heritage, feel-good design that is moving the current 2-door mullet coupés. As such, it didn’t really sell very well. Especially compared to the kind of 4-cylinder FWD sedans that most people find in their driveways.

No matter, the Caprice (née G8) is going to be for sale (again) soon. In retrospect, then, the last G8s weren’t really the last ones at all, and another remnant of Bob Lutz’ exuberant reign at GM lives on.

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