2010 Ford Taurus SHO



Better late than never, I suppose. There have been so many new releases and interesting bits of news lately that the hottest new Ford in recent memory almost got lost in the mix. I knew this thing was supposed to be a sleeper, but still. Also, it was tougher than you’d think not to write a predictably cheesy title such as “It’s SHOtime” or some such nonsense, but I pulled it off. 

So without further ado, CarEnvy presents the new 2010 Ford Taurus SHO boasting a twin-turbo V6, AWD, and a 6-speed flappy-paddle automatic gearbox. The BMW 535xi had better watch out. 

More details and a huge gallery are after the jump.


If that’s not the flattest (photoshopped) torque curve you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. Ford’s new 3.5L EcoBoost engine produces 365 hp and 350 torques at what appears to be 1500-5300 rpm. This power is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that the driver can control manually with the paddles behind the steering wheel or using the console-mounted shifter. I think that the best part of the transmission is that it won’t automatically upshift for you when you’re bouncing it off the rev limiter. Yay! No electronic nannies to beep at you!

Another thing that draws me to the new SHO is the “sleeper factor”. It really doesn’t look any different than the standard Taurus other than the 19″ or 20″ wheels and a couple of miniscule badges. You expect a 535xi to be quick, but this will surprise a few performance cars in the Stop Light Grand Prix. 

As a Canadian rally-racer-wannabe, there’s nothing better than forced induction and AWD. Both of which come in the Taurus SHO. Yes, I’d prefer a manual transmission, but I gotta cut Ford a little slack for being brave in a fairly frightening economic climate. I don’t see Super Sebrings or Mad Malibus from Chrysler or GM, so props to Ford. Although make sure to spec something other than the brown/black interior when ordering your SHO. It’s just unsightly. 

Comfort, all-weather prowess, and ultimate sex sleeper appeal. Now that is something to envy. 



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