Top 7 Types Of Car Guys (And Girls?)



Spike is a TV station (and website) that tries to do things a little differently. They specialize in targeting the hugely desirable 18-35 demographic with half-naked women posing, half-naked men fighting, and  half-baked stories of sports and celebrity shenanigans.

Once in a while though, they come up with something interesting for us car guys and girls on their website, This time, Spike has differentiated car lovers into seven different categories. It’s not perfect though – one category they didn’t include is the Porsche Guy. Not to discredit Spike’s thoroughly refined analysis of people who love cars too much, but I’d say that I’m an appreciator of all of these types of cars (like Leno). Except for ricers, of course. If any, which one to you fit into? [Spike]