How Hard Can It Be? (1953? Chevrolet 3100)



Welcome to HHCIB, where we bring you project cars that will make your nightmares dreams come true. This Alabama seller has just the project for you: a ~1953 Chevy 3100! He concedes that there are a couple of places that could use some work, but he says that there’s nothing too major. His exact words are “the truck has rust but the rust that is their doesnt seem to be anything major and would be easy fixes for anyone [emphasis added].” From the picture above, I think you’ll agree with his assessment, confusion between their/there homophones aside.  The rust is even in all the “normal” places, so how hard could it be?

Did we mention that this little baby doesn’t have an engine or a transmission but “everything else appears to be their”? That’s great news because now you can make that LS3-powered 1950′s Chevy bread wagon you always wanted! More details on this bullet-riddled hunk-o-rust dream project after the jump.


Oooh, looks like the interior might be able to use a little attention as well. Meh, nothing giving your soul a pine-scented air freshener can’t fix. Those bullet holes through the driver’s side of the windshield probably mean that someone died where you are sitting you need to replace the whole thing. No biggie!

Somehow, the seller neglected to mention anything about the interior other than that there is no passenger seat. I guess he just plain forgot about the attack of the Rust Monster minor blemishes.

The seller does mention that you will need to attend to the rust on the running boards, the front floor pans (which the seller claims is “normal in any truck/ car”), and the bottoms of the doors. Fear not, someone with your mechanical experience and sheer willpower will have no problem tackling this Chevy. I mean, it’s a Chevy! Domestics are bulletproof! Let the project commence!