How Hard Can It Be? 1930 GMC Flatbed Truck



Max Grabowski created the market for commercial trucks in 1901 when he established the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Eight years on, the company was absorbed by General Motors and renamed the  General Motors Truck Company, which later became GMC Truck. When they became rebadged Chevrolets is anyone’s guess.

This 1930 GMC flatbed truck was hewn from raw dung specially coachbuilt for hauling torpedoes during World War 2. There is a prescient intelligence there that is baffling, as World War 2 didn’t start until September, 1939. Indeed, if GM today had that level of foresight we wouldn’t need multi-billion dollar bailouts. We would either all be driving hybrids and diesels or Firebirds and Fieros.

Many people incorrectly use the word unique to describe something. Unique means there is only one, no others. The seller here describes this heap rough-cut diamond as unique, and he is actually correct: apparently the only other one blew up. We can certainly see a very real danger of spontaneous combustion when your destiny is to carry stuff that goes bang with a vengeance. They must have pulled this last remaining example out of service when the first one exploded thinking, “Man, this thing might be worth something someday.”

The seller states the engine runs, or did a year ago. Based on the pictures, it needs just about everything else, including some torpedoes to haul around. There is mention of the truck requiring some rear end work, but it looks like there’s an additional rear end on its rear end. That could be useful. Overall it looks about as scabby as everything around it ready for a full recommissioning.

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In parts of America you can still buy an abandoned missile silo. Some mental patients intrepid housing visionaries convert these to cold, dark, cement and steel living tubes creative living situations. To add to the survivalist motif, you could restore this GMC and leave it outside the front door, loaded with armament and ready for action.

We have to wonder, however, if the US Department of Justice would let you keep it since, in a perfect storm, the terrorists could steal it and haul their contraband. If they did you would need something powerful and fleet of foot to catch them, like a 10-speed bicycle or a tortoise on meth.

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