Toyobaru? How about Suyota?



It’s been rumoured for ages, but according to some people that Inside Line knows, apparently that Subaru/Toyota joint project RWD sport coupe is still going ahead with production—despite the fact that Toyota asked the Japanese government for some bailout money earlier today.

The original rumours were that this as-yet-unnamed RWD coupe would be released in 2011, and it’s not clear whether or not this release date will change. What has changed, however, was the plan to manufacture this vehicle in a new plant that Subaru was going to build in Oizumi, Japan. Instead, it’s allegedly slated to come out of their existing Gunma plant, which will be retooled prior to production. Hopefully this also means that it will be more Subaru than Toyota. ;) Also, I can’t wait to see it show up in some future iteration of Initial D. :D

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