Leaked: Mercedes E500 Coupe, supposedly…



While barely concealed spyshots have been circulating the blogosphere for a couple of weeks, these are the first press shots of the upcoming E500 Coupe (formerly known as the CLK). We think. These are either the first shots or they are fantastic photochops. Either way they’re good enough for us. And that means that they’re good enough for you. Even if these aren’t from the Merc Institute of Press Stuff (MIPS), they’re probably not far off what the real deal will look like.

From our first impression, the nose job is the only downfall of the design. The quad headlights with the weird little LED lights underneath are a little too much of an Audi rip-off for us. There are redeeming points though. The muscular rear wheel arches are particularly strong, as is the profile. But, the rear is kinda dull in a 3-series-esque way.  The new E Coupe should make for a compelling A5/S5 competitor in the premium large coupe segment though. It’s about time too, the aging CLK (other than the superb Black variant) needed a refresh badly. Follow the jump for more pictures of the big E.


Can you spot the LEDs?

[Autoblog.nl via Autoblog]