2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe



“Come hither” should be the caption for this photo. You just know that the guy is smiling at the girl because there’s no way the back end of the E Coupe could make anyone that happy.

Looking strikingly similar to the E500 Coupe that was leaked almost a month ago, we have the first official pictures of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class coupe. This represents yet another release in advance of the Geneva Auto Show that will take place in the Swiss capital from March 5-15, 2009. I, for one, am glad that all these leaks are happening in advance of the big show because it will save CarEnvy from buying tickets to Geneva with money we really don’t have. 

Details and deca-photo gallery after the jump.


Having seen these new photos, I feel that I was being unfairly harsh before when I said that the front end was terrible. I still think that it’s the weakest part of the design, but now the headlight cluster looks a little more like the CLS ones except sub-divided, which is mildly ironic when you consider that this will be driven predominantly by WAGs who live in the ‘burbs. To my eye, it’s almost as if the headlights have mascara-laden eyelashes. Overall, this is a fairly effeminate design from every angle but the side profile. Which is fine because it will appeal to the same clientele that loved the CLK. It just doesn’t do it for me. 

The interior appears to be straight out of the recently revealed E-Class. No crime here because it appears to be solid as a rock. 

Expect the E Coupe to be available with V6 and V8 gas engines here in Canada (and a bunch of four-cylinders and diesels across the pond). We should see a 288 hp E350 and a 382 hp E550 when the E Coupe makes it to showrooms at launch time in Q3 2009. AMG and hopefully Black Series variants should be a year or so later. 

This is great news for wives and girlfriends of the elite, but I still the the A5 and S5 are better choices for those with a Y chromosome. 

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