Captain’s Nemo’s Supercar (2009 Spyker C8 Aileron)



Captain Nemo’s Nemomobile is an extraordinary car of mammoth proportions. It is undoubtedly very impractical and very powerful, but probably not an ideal track car. Since we all know that Captain Nemo is a bit of a track-day fiend, what would his car of choice be for these frequent outings? A Spyker, of course. Nowhere else feels more at home for the nautical scientist. 

The latest Spyker to catch the eye of the Captain is the C8 Aileron, which improves on many of the shortcomings of the C8 Laviolette and Spyder. 

The Laviolette and Spyder were often critisized for being hugely impractical. This has been addressed by creating an all-new aluminum space frame that results in a 150 mm longer wheelbase and a 155 mm wider front track. This increase in dimension improves interior space, which should make it easier for Captain Nemo to get his tall headwear into the car unscathed. 

Another highlight for Nemo are the blue LED daytime running lights. He says they remind him of his pride and joy, the Nautilus. Captain Nemo can even get his Aileron painted in the Squadron GT2 livery. Yes!

Power comes courtesy of a 400 hp, 4.2L Audi mill. Doesn’t sound like a ton of power for a “supercar” but the thing only weighs 1425 kg. About 2000 kg less than the Nemomobile. 

If you feel like living out your League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fantasies, this Dutch beauty can be yours for about CDN$306,000 with a manual transmission, which is just slightly more expensive than the annual repair bills on Nemo’s 70m electric submersible, the Nautilus. 


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