Scion FR-S Concept and Marussia B2: Separated by the Sea of Japan


Oh, and about $130,000.

Toyota left Formula 1 after the 2008 season, but it appears that still have an eye on the pinnacle of open cockpit racing. Although 3 years removed from the action, the 10-year investment Toyota made is only now bearing fruit. The Lexus LFA, which is just reaching customers, is the best example of their F1 expenditures to date. But F1 continues to inspire the number one automaker in the world with the FR-S.

At the same time as Toyota breathes wailing V10 life into Lexus, it’s attempting to breathe a similar amount of life into its youthful Scion brand with the FR-S Concept. Née FT-86, the FR-S stands for “Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport”. It aims to bring affordable RWD performance to the masses, in the same vein as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and new Ford Mustang.

In respiring automotive existence into Scion, Toyota has channeled a new Formula 1 team – Marussia Virgin Racing. At a time when manufacturers are leaving F1 in droves, Marussia, a Russian supercar maker with global appetite, is dipping its toe into the pool. With typical Russian fervency, Marussia has designed their B2 supercar (above) with what can best be described as brutal looks. With similar ferocity, the FR-S previews a production vehicle with the panache that Toyota desperately needs to shake its stolid image.

Hey, even if it’s not the production form we’re dying for, at least it’s better than the FT-86II shown in Geneva.


[Image credits: Drew Phillips / AOL, English Russia]