New Gallery + Video: Bugatti Galibier 16C Concept


2009-bugatti-galibier-16c-concept_100229388_mBugatti isn’t exactly going downmarket with its next product. While most buyers are belt-cinching, and most automakers are downsizing to accommodate a larger proportion of the market as well as those averse to wealth-flaunting, Ferdinand Piech doesn’t give a fuck. Bugatti is the crowning achievement of the Volkswagen Group and Piech is going to keep it that way in 2012 once the Veyron 16.4 has run its course.

The Galibier, unveiled to some rich dudes in advance of the Frankfurt Motor Show, is a look at what Bugatti has in store. Rather than going after the SSC Ultimate Aero’s top speed crown, Bug is going for families with this new 4-door. But doesn’t Bugatti know that UAE residents are like the Mormons of the East? They have 7 kids per family, at least. Maybe the 2020 Bugatti will address this issue by have 9 seats a la Chevy Suburban.

A full 16-image gallery of this stunning carbon fibre and aluminum machination, as well as a PR video, are below. Note the octopipe organ playing exhaust music.