eBay Deal Of The Day (Bugatti Veyron 16.4)




You want to see depreciation? You thought your car was getting hit hard by the economic maelstrom? When you see what its like to own a hypercar like the Veyron, you’ll thank the stars that you can only afford a Ford Taurus and that the depreciation is only $5-10,000 per year. Find our how bad new Bugatti owners have it after the jump. Not that we don’t envy them or anything, because there’s nothing we want to do more than play WRC-God with a Veyron, we’re just saying it’s hard out there for a pimp. 


Are you ready for the damage?

$300,000 depreciation in 1384 km. Assuming 15 pre-delivery miles. 

That would be $217/km. If you spent every one of those kilometres just given ‘er, you would have a smidge under three and a half hours at the terminal speed of 407 km/h. That translates into a whopping $88,235/hr. And all these figures are in $USD. Ouch. For that kind of money, you could rent a fleet of exotic supercars with Victoria’s Secret models in the passenger seats and kilos of blow in the glove boxes. Just saying. 

This makes the Veyron our eBay Deal Of The Day because someone else has taken a house-sized chunk of depreciation so that we didn’t have to. We’re still going to hold on to our pennies until we can find a Veyron for under a mill, but that’s just us. If you’re not quite as patient as we are, today is a great day to be in the market for a very slightly used hypercar.