Bugatti Just Got Crazier, Turns 100 (Veyron Bleu Centenaire)



This is the first picture of the new Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centanaire. We all knew that the engineers madmen at Bugatti must have been irked about losing the “world’s fastest production car” title to the SCC Ultimate Aero, but we didn’t know that this was going to happen. In order to both yank that title back, and celebrate their 100th birthday, Bugatti is showing off a special edition Veyron at Geneva. Find out how ludicrous this car is after the jump.


More horsepower means more speed. So simply put more horses under the hood. While in most cases this is completely rational, it’s difficult to cram more than 1001 horses into a confined space. When they all get running they tend to stampede and break a lot of things. In the spirit of the insane excess that Bugatti is all about, they decided to put about two and one third Volkswagen Jettas under the hood in addition to what was already there. Yeah, the Veyron sure needed another 400 horses. What does this all mean though? It means the top speed is rumored to be 440 kph. 

Unfortunately, Bugatti decided to put the car in their trademark Bugatti Racing Blue color, which is ugly. Even uglier is the fact that half of the car is glossy and half is matte. Blech. How about dark red and black. That’s how you make a Veyron look good.

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