Nerdy Custom Cars


Lego Car 1


While normally if I’m talking about modifying a vehicle, I’m thinking about squeezing in a few more horses, or lowering the suspension or some such, but this is because I like vehicles that go fast and handle well. Normal people generally think that’s kinda cool, but will never actually test the limits of their car’s ability. Normal people who customize their cars do so to give their vehicles more personality. The geek’s take on this after the jump.

First up, we have a car that has been covered in floppy disks. Bad “disk drive” puns aside, I imagine this might mess with the aerodynamics a bit, and probably result in pelting those behind you in obsolete computer accessories when at speeds higher 40 kph. 


Next is a lego covered car. One has to wonder what strange attachments the driver of this vehicle receives when he parks it in public for too long.


Lastly, we have a car covered in keyboard keys in several colours, so that Homer Simpson’s head is prominently shown on the hood.


[Gizmodo via Geekologie]

PS: Bonus points to anybody who can name the vehicles.