F1 News: Lola To Return To Formula 1 In 2010?



According to no less an authority on such matters than Lola Cars themselves, Lola is indeed contemplating a return to F1 in 2010 due to the cost-capping measures the sport has imposed upon itself. Nothing is definite yet, except the fact that they’re hoping it goes a lot better than 1997.

But in other news, there may be some further shaking up at a team that’s currently on the grid. Follow the jump for more news on this matter, which may or may not come as a surprise.

Speaking to the German press, Norbert Haug has said that Mercedes-Benz future involvement in F1 is under review. To be fair, he’s said that it’s constantly “under review”, but apparently the issues arising from the Liargate scandal have caused Mercedes-Benz’ corporate scrutiny to veer more sharply in favour of pulling out of their collaboration with McLaren. Following this line of thinking to its logical conclusion may see them instead becoming merely an engine supplier.

In clarification, Haug had this to say: “We stand with [McLaren] and the current view is that in 2010 we will still be together. But the crucial functions of the team are not engaged by Mercedes.”

Just what the future may hold is, as always, anyone’s guess. But these two announcements coming so close together seems almost like an odd game of musical chairs.