Video: Formula One Is Back, But Don’t Forget About Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters


This weekend marks the return of Formula One for the 2010 season. With no less than four World Champions racing against each other this year, followers of the open-cockpit racing series are in for a wild ride. But lest we forget that there are touring car races which can be every bit as entertaining, even if they’re unable to match the operatic levels of drama the follow F1 like white on rice.

Undoubtedly the most enjoyable touring car races are those of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (no, not NASCAR), or “DTM” for Anglophiles and abbreviationphiles. Below is a video recapping the 2009 season with a production value that wouldn’t be out of place in Top Gear. Ya, it’s that good. This video is just in time for the April 24 season opener at Hockenheimring where the Audi A4 DTM (above) and Mercedes C63 DTM will duke it out for the pride of the Fatherland.

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[Video credit: YouTube via MotorMavens]

[Photo credit: ghand_39/Flikr]