Video: Ford Focus RS


The boys at Fifth Gear have always lived in the shadow of the boys at Top Gear. Some people feel that this is unjust and that both programs are useful. Top Gear is seen to be more entertaining and Fifth Gear is seen to be more informative. Since both parties have chosen the media of television, it is often entertainment, and thus Top Gear, that wins favour with the masses. If you watch this video of Jason Plato and the Ford Focus RS and compare it to any Clarkson review, you’ll also notice another difference that makes Top Gear our preferred program here at CarEnvy. It isn’t just the entertainment factor, it’s also the ability of James, Richard, and Jeremy to openly criticize the vehicles they drive and yet still love them all the same. You’ll notice that Jason doesn’t say a single word against the Focus RS other than the colour, which is pretty mundane if you ask me. Here at CarEnvy, we feel that observing deficiencies in cars is part of an open discourse that allows you to make better decisions about cars you want to own. Thankfully, there is a program out there that is on the same page. And it’s called Top Gear. [YouTube]