Video: 2011 Kia Cadenza – How Very… German?


Say goodbye to Kia’s hackazoarus E-Class poseur, the Amanti, and say hello to the Cadenza (which looks remarkably like the KND-5 concept we saw in April). If you’re wondering why it looks so sharp, so Teutonic, look no further than Kia’s current design director Peter Schreyer. On this man’s back alone, Kia is poised to reinvigorate the inexpensive car segment. Together with parent company Hyundai’s supreme powertrain development (most notably with GDI), Kia is doing what Honda did in the early 70′s.

For those self-loathers in need of an Amanti memory refresh, see below.

Wow, you actually did it. Your funeral… For your intestinal fortitude, we’ll reward you with another Cadenza vid.

[via Carscoop]