Guess The Car (Kia KND-5/VG Concept)



Let’s pretend for a second that you’re one of those people who don’t read the titles of articles. Now, take a good look at this picture and see if you can guess who makes it. Keep in mind that it is a concept, albeit a thinly-veiled one. Notice the character line along the profile, the shapely headlights, the Audi-esque front diffuser, and the overall attractiveness of the design. Speaking of Audi, just wait until you see the taillights. There’s more than a little B8 A4/A5 in them.

So make your guess and follow the jump to see if you’re right!

It’s a Kia. Yes, I know that you can read titles and that this isn’t a surprise. But if you’d just looked at the picture, you’d have never guessed it. Admit it.

To my eye, there’s a good mix of Opel Insignia, B8 Audi A4, Chevy Malibu, and a pinch of Passat CC thrown in for good measure. Hardly the most original design in and of itself but it shatters the mold of previous Kia mid-size sedans like the Magentis. Officially called the KND-5, but internally known as the VG, this new Azera-sized sedan represents yet another leap forward for the Korean marque.

Just when I thought that the Soul was ground-breaking, they go and come out with this and confuse my heartstrings all over again. I once made a pledge to myself to never get attached to Korean cars. “They’re just appliances”, I told myself. Once again, Peter Schreyer had other ideas.

The reason I called this concept a “thinly-veiled” one is because the powertrain is so bloody realistic. There’s no triple-turbo 1.5L diesel hybrid making 400 hp and getting 50 mpg, just a 3.5L V6 powering the front wheels with 277 horses.

Word on the street is that we can expect to see something like this on our shores in about a years time. A very reasonable time frame compared to, say, the Camaro’s 4 year gestation from concept to production.

The way Kia and big brother Hyundai and going these days, I’m thinking of branching off Car Envy into Kia Envy and Hyundai Envy. All in favour, say “aye”.

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