DAS Lust: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S and Booth Professionals



Does anyone design like the Italians? Probably not. But for the most part it seems like the Axis countries have design figured out. At least the Japanese did until the new Acura line-up muddied its reputation. And the Germans did until Porsche designed the Panamera. Ok fine, it’s really just the Italians. Did I mention that the women attracted to Italian sheetmetal aren’t half-bad either? The little snapshot of the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S you see above is courtesy of Jalopnik, the guys who pretend to be all down-to-earth, but then get flown out to cover the Detroit Auto Show (DAS) and mingle with the lovely booth professionals while CarEnvy is stuck in a blizzard in Edmonton. We’re not jealous or resentful. No sir. 


We’ve included a few more shots of the lust-worthy  Mas QP S GT S (face it, the regular way was too long) after the jump. 



Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Maserati’s win at the Indianapolis 500, the QP GT S pumps out 433hp from a 4.7L V8. Inside, there’s some alcantara this and some carbon fibre that. Usual special-edition stuff. Not that the engine or the interior matter because the exterior design is making us drool all over the new shirts we got for Christmas/Hanukkah. We’re not sure that we would even sit in the car if asked to. The outside of the car is just too nice. I suppose the girls don’t hurt either.