F1 News: The Curse of KERS Lifted from 2010?



The F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain took place this past weekend and saw relatively little drama occur on the track itself. Indeed, it was more remarkable for the fact that it almost became one of the very few races in the entire history of Formula One wherein all cars present on the grid actually finished the race. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, as Kazuki Nakajima’s Williams became the only car not to make it across the finish line. Still, it wasn’t all fun and games for race winner Jenson Button as he later revealed a very personal injury in the post-race press conference. Here’s hoping Seb’s hands weren’t too rough…. ;)

Elsewhere in F1-land, off-track events weren’t quite as dramatic as they have been in recent memory, although a few important things have occurred. Follow the jump for more.

Flavio Briatore’s vehement resistance to the spectre of The New continues unabated, as he’s now let it slip that the FOTA wants KERS out of F1 from 2010. This is in addition to the complaints that he’s been most vociferous against trick diffusers such as the ones Brawn GP have been using to whomp most of the rest of the grid so far this season. No word yet on whether he’ll complain about Red Bull bringing Sebastian Vettel onboard as being an “unfair competetive advantage” as well.

Meanwhile, McLaren will appear before the WMSC later this week (on the 29th, to be precise) regarding the infamous Liargate scandal that’s rocked the paddock since Melbourne. Early forecasts by “unnamed sources” in some of the Sunday British press predict leniency—as long as the teams remain contrite rather than defensive, as they did with Ferrari spy scandal most people have probably not yet forgotten about. Save them, Obi-Whitmarsh, you’re their only hope!