How Hard Can It Be? (1984 Jaguar XJS V12)



Welcome back to another episode of HHCIB? where we chronicle project cars that don’t look too bad on the surface but will probably cause you countless hours of misery and grief joy.

If you’re like me, you love coupes. If you’re like me, you love the sound of a V12. If you’re like me, you like a deal. Well I’ve got something you will love! For only $4000 of your hard-earned Canadian dollars (about USD$28), you can be driving your very own Jaguar XJS V12. The XJS the successor to the legendary E-type, so you know it’s gorgeous and will drive you insane it go like nuts. 

Follow the jump for the seller’s spiel. 

12 cylinder 
Brand new black paint job -Base count/ with clear count 
Tan leather interior 
approx-90’000 mile
Pirelli tires and new rims 
Needs some assembly -windows, head lights etc… 
call (780) 761-4967 please leave a message 


That’s what the seller has to say. That’s it. I always feel the most comfortable when the seller is blunt and to the point, that’s why this ad is so terrifying great! I especially like that the seller doesn’t want to talk to you, he just wants you to leave a message. Someone who has owned a 25 year old V12 Jag shouldn’t be anyone to fear, right? Just give him your full name, address, and phone number and he’ll get right back to you. 

Yes, the vehicle might need a little tune-up and some elbow grease, but really, how hard can it be? Lucas Electronics aren’t known for their reliability but the seller says that only the windows, headlights, etc need to be looked at. Really, not too bad.

Also, there are only four pictures of the car, but the seller was going for quality over quantity. Just look at the way only half of the side of the car can be seen. Wonderful photography. It leaves so much to the imagination. 

Hurry up and get over to Kijiji Edmonton before this project of misery and doom deal is gone!