Editorial: Fezza vs. Lambo



Having gotten into a little discussion of the merits of fine Italian sports car the other night with my friend Tarek, we continued our conversation via e-mail. I was praising the larger and oft-forgotten Ferraris, the 599 and the 612, while simultaneously admitting the superiority of the Gallardo LP560-4 over the F430 (but not the 430 Scud). Tarek, on the other hand was all about the Lambos. So I decided to educate him a bit on the 612, for starters. After I did this, I might have, just maybe, said something about my distaste for the Murcielago. Big mistake on my part. Tarek’s eloquent and loquacious response is after the jump.


Well honestly, let’s think about this, other then the horrendous mileage, what’s not to like about the Murciélago? First off, I don’t think you can compare the 612 to the Murc, different class of cars my friend. Let’s place the Murc where it belongs, in the strictly supercar category of sport performance coupes. Now, being Lamborghini’s flagship car, peg against any other similar marque, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Nissan…
Now, what do we have, let’s take the flagship models of all the brands. With the exception of the Nissan, they can all be acquired for reasonably similar pricing on the used market. Maybe a little less for the Bentley. Now let’s start getting picky, when you buy a $200,000+ car what do you really want? What should the sport performance coupes offer their drivers? What do you crave? Let’s be honest, people who buy $200,000+ cars want to be seen, want to be recognized and want you know that their car owns the road. They also want the goods to match the looks. So with that in mind, let’s drop the Nissan and the Porsche off the list. They both look ok, they can handle like hell but they definitely wouldn’t get too many passing marks from the Mom test. (Would your mom look twice test?)
So now we have Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lambo left. Ok, let’s talk about performance, now that our wicked drivers are definitely noticed in those brands, what brands really offer the goods to back up those looks? Aston and Bentley can’t touch the numbers Lambo and Ferrari put down. That’s ok though, they’re not supposed to. They’re more of a GT really. Something to stretch your legs in while you race to work. So let’s move on. We’ve got the 599GTB and the LP-640, both stupid expensive, both Italian heritage, both reasonably close in performance figures. I’d say both close in fit and finish as well, interior finishes on both cars look impressive, I’d be inclined to offer a marginal victory for Lambo only due to the Audi factor. So then, you must wonder, why the Lambo over the Ferrari? What distinctive feature could be so evident that I would be inclined to pick the Lambo over its Italian rival?
The Lambo wins strictly on image. You don’t actually need any musical talent, but if you’ve got the Lambo, you’ll know what Rockstars feel like when they drive. Do Ferrari drivers get second glances? Sure, but there aren’t many Ferrari’s (other then Enzo, but different discussion) that match the IMAGE of a Lambo. When the second glances begin to fade, the Lambo driver forms a little smirk, waits just an extra second, then opens the scissor doors. The envy of just about any exotic wannabe, with a multitude of “Lambo Door Kits”, the scissor doors remains the entrance/exit to end all. A creative design piece that changed the brand, and in effect, the image of the Bull. While you can argue it wasn’t originally meant for the Bull, having been designed for Alfa Romeo, it simply belongs on the Lamborghini. The image a Lamborghini creates is the competitive differential for me.
If you’re still not convinced that its image alone is enough to topple the mighty Stallion, did I mention its AWD? Get’s to 60 mph 0.3 faster, features carbon fiber and tubular steel frame versus the aluminum frame in the Ferrari. (Same frame composition as Pagani) AND still not convinced? The rear spoiler can be raised to an angle of 70 degrees, side mirrors fold in to improve aerodynamics and the side scoops automatically open to let in the exact amount of air. That’s just plain cool.
There you have it. Had some time on my hands so there’s my long answer. ALTHOUGH, I will add, in looking up some figures, I’m a little more impressed with the 599 then when I started writing this. But still, for me, if the choice was between the Ferrari and the Lambo, it’ll be the Lambo…any supercar I want….Zonda :-)


That put me in my place. What do you like better, Ferraris or Lamborghinis?