VW Raises the Hot Hatch Bar (2010 VW .:R20)




The unveiling of the next generation GTI was somewhat disappointing. The Mk VI only had a 10hp gain over the Mk V, and performed at almost identically. As such,  slightly over-enthusiastic lovers of ze people’s car, people like us, were rather let down. I was hoping for 240 hp out of the new GTI, not 210. If one wanted a hot hatch with more power, one had to hunt down a rare .:R32, which had a 3.2l 250hp V6 under the bonnet and AWD. The problem with the .:R32, other than the fact that there are virtually none in North America, is that is isn’t really much faster than a normal GTI on account of weight. The .:R32 also drank a lot more gas, and was known to have more engine problems than the GTI. Not a terribly good deal in my opinion. In 2010 though, VW is giving us the car we all want. Find out how after the jump.


gtiIt’s an .:R series, which means that we get Audi’s AWD technology, but VW has learned from the past, and will not be giving the new hot hatch a V6. Instead, we are getting our grubbly little hands on a 2.0l four cylinder turbocharged engine that develops 270 horse power. That’s a full 35% more power than the current Mk V GTI without adding the weight of a bigger engine, or the fuel consumption. Theoretically, the car should make it to 100 km/h between 5.0 and 5.5 seconds, and top out at 265 km/h, but be electronically limited to 250. That’s definitely the fastest golf yet.

The car will most likely come in three and five door trims, and have the option of manual or VW’s semi-automatic DSG transmission. In addition, there should be some stylistic and aerodynamic differences from the Mk VI GTI, including a shiny new front spoiler with three air intakes, dual exhaust, and an updated rear spoiler.

I desperately want this car when it comes out, and you should too.

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