There’s actually gonna be competition for the X6? (Acura Crossover Coupe)



For some reason, Acura thinks that BMW will sell enough of their crazy-crossover-4 door-coupe-SUV things (also known as the X6) that they felt the need to answer back with a model of their own.

The spy shot you see before you is their camo’d version. Despite being already spotted at the famous Nürburgring, it has now been spied on our own soil doing cold weather testing in Winnipeg. Despite the obvious, Acura hasn’t officially confirmed production of this vehicle or confirmed that it even exists.

The TL inspired rear end will likely be either hit or miss, but that seems to be the sentiment of late for most of Acura’s bold designs. Given the overall response to Acura’s new shield grille, this X6 fighter would benefit if the shield was, um, graciously omitted.

[via Autoblog]