It DOES exist… (Acura Crossover Coupe)



Earlier this month we told you about the BMW X6-fighter from Acura caught cold weather testing in Winnipeg. Back then, there was no confirmation that an X6-fighter from Honda’s premium division even existed.

Despite photographic evidence, turns out we weren’t all hallucinating, this vehicle does exist and Acura has announced its name. As stupid as most cars names are, alphanumeric names are just as bad and Acura’s newest spawn is no exception.

Find out its name after the jump.


ZDX will be the name. What does the Z stand for? Zen? Zis thing is almost German.

“The ZDX prototype is unlike anything you have ever seen from Acura,” said Jeff Conrad, VP of Acura sales. “The production version of the ZDX prototype will bring a new level of prestige to the Acura lineup when it arrives at dealerships this fall” the press release continued. Sounds like we’re in for another offensive interpretation of the vehicle that is “everything for everyone”. By that I mean that it will have all-weather capability, coupe-like looks, seating for four adults, and a higher seating position. Much like the Lagonda concept, then.

It is expected to be officially unveiled at the New York International Auto Show next on April the 8th. CarEnvy will have the official pictures and powertrain details as they become available.

[Acura via Autoblog]