Leaked: Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA



We’ve found another hole in the sieve that is the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.  And this time the hole is shaped like the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA.

The MiTo is Alfa’s MINI-fighter and the GTA stands for something Italian meaning “faster and lighter”. Y’know, the usual hot hatch stuff.

The GTA, at least from this first picture, isn’t what I would call “pleasing to the eye”, especially when compared to timeless beauties such as the 8C Competizione. Which is a shame, because we all know that Alfa is capable of significantly better designs than what you see above.

More details on the unfortunately unsightly mini-Alfa after the jump.


The MiTo GTA is expected to be powered by a 230 hp 1.75L turbocharged and direct injected 4-cylinder engine driving power to the front wheels only.

There are currently rumours swirling that the MiTo could be one of the Alfa/Fiat models to make it across the pond in the Chrysler/Fiat deal. For starters, I’m not holding my breath on that deal seeing the light of day.

Secondly, the aesthetics of the MiTo are not up to snuff, not even in GTA trim. Alfa tried to dumb-down the design language from the 8C when they designed their little hatch and they weren’t very successful with that. All that mesh and body lowering and carbon fibre can’t remedy the malformed underpinnings. Non lo gradico.