Too Big To Hide (Mini Maxi/Crossman Spy Shots)



Spy shots of the Mini Crossman/Crossover/Maxi road tests in Finland have surfaced and BMW has come up with a thoroughly ridiculous looking camo job, which unfortunately works fairly well. Gazing past the black and yellow swirls we can make out a few details though. The front end is more blocky and rugged looking than the Crossover concept from Paris in September, and the big shiny grille appears to have been scrapped, but the rest looks close. More after the jump.

Probably the sneakiest trick BMW has used was the little strip of vinyl on the back of the car. At first glance it looks like the car will have a barn door style back opening, but then one notices that the seam between the doors is either bigger than the Grand Canyon or fake. Thankfully, it’s fake. The fifth door will swing upwards in the normal and boring fashion so that we can all occasionally bump our heads on it.

More exciting however is the dual exhaust, signifying that there will be at least two engine choices, given the single exhause version that has also been seen tooling around. Some say that one can expect on of the options to be a 1.6l turbocharged I4 running at around 170 horses.

Debut is expected for 2010.

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