Leaked: Fiat Drops Top In Geneva (Fiat 500 Cabrio – Geneva Motor Show)



The Fiat 500, the little Fiat that could, will see another addition to its line-up at the Geneva Motor Show next month – a convertible! This is the same cabrio that we caught spyshots of about a month ago. True to the spyshots, the Fiat 500 Cabrio will open like a sardine can by maintaining its B and C pillars. This new variant will use the same engines as the standard 500 including the 1.2L gas, 1.3L diesel, and 1.4L gas engines. Don’t expect to see a hotted-up Esseesse version just yet though because Fiat has to same something for next year’s auto show circuit. 

We could very well see this exact vehicle on our shores in 2010 at local Chrysler dealerships thanks to the recent partnership agreement between the two companies. I’m excited at the prospect of having little Fiats running around our frozen streets but I think I’ll stick with the hard-top version for myself. It’s the only way to preserve even a semblance of my masculinity. 

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