Let’s Join Chrysler in Welcoming Our New Italian Overlords


A long time ago in a kingdom far, far away that was called the 1990s, there was an indie band called Lush. Why do I mention them here when this is a car blog? Because they recorded what, to my knowledge, is the only love song ever written to and about the Fiat 500. My advice, were I you, would be to cue up the video above and hit repeat as you read this entry about what our new Chriat future has in store.

According to AutoWeek, we can expect a total of seven new models to be introduced into North America under the terms of this coming deal. Speculation currently says that four of these will be badged as Chryslers, and the remaining three may be a mix between the reintroductions of both the Fiat and Alfa Romeo brands. Since a large part of the terms of the deal was based on Fiat’s ability to acquire some of Chrysler’s plants for production, it’s no surprise that most of these new vehicles for the North American market will, in fact, be built in the North American market.

What of the 500? It’s included, according to AN, as will be a rejiggered and likely Chrysler-branded Fiat Panda. The Alfa Romeo MiTo is also rumoured to be part of the deal, although whether it will still be called that is another matter entirely.

Additionally, this deal should see Chrysler having free access to Fiat’s 1.4 and 1.8-L 4-cylinder gasoline direct-injection engines. Further speculation is that Chrysler is only interested in the 1.4L version, which will then be turbocharged to fit their plans.

Fiat’s new C-Evo platform will debut later this year in Europe as part of Alfa Romeo’s 940, the project code they’ve designated for the vehicle meant to replace the 147. Compact and mid-sized-segment Chryslers could be next off the line in utilizing the C-Evo platform (or a slightly altered variation thereof) under the terms of the current deal.