1st Official Shot: Alfa Romeo Giulietta/Milano



While word on the Milanese street is that the Milano name has been dropped, it’s not entirely clear what name will be used in its place. Giulietta? Perhaps. But you’re no more likely to guess it correctly than you are to guess when Ovechkin will be returning from his “day-to-day” knee injury. All I care about is his on-ice presence when the Capitals come to Edmonton on December 19th. I have tickets, so he’d better be there. Or I’ll start flinging my feces onto the ice. Oh, I’d do it.

Getting back to the new Alfa, this will be one of the first models that parent company Fiat brings to North America through its newly-acquired Chrysler network. From what we can tell from this first (and only) shot, the lines aren’t too bad. Maybe there’s too much current-gen Subaru Impreza in the profile, but at least the MiTo’s unlovable front end looks have been toned down into something more digestible. Petrol powerplants are expected to be range from a 120hp 1.4L to a 235hp turbo 1.7L, although it remains to be seen which models we’ll get on this side of the pond.

We’ll have more edge-of-your-seat Chrysler/Fiat/Alfa news, whenever someone else decides to leak it.