Alfa Romeo 169 To Be Built in Ontario, Maybe


Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 4.56Alfa Romeo hasn’t made a mid-size executive sedan in a couple years now, and now is the perfect time to resume doing so. Alfa is coming back to North America, where the executive sedan is king. While it has been confirmed that the 169 is to be built in North America, Inside Line expects the production to happen in Brampton, Ontario along side the Chinese Rolls-Royce knock-off Chrysler 300. The 169 won’t just be a pretty 169 though. Hit the jump for a summary of the rumour mill.

The base level powerplant is expected to be a V6 pumping out at least 250 horses and possible go all the way up to a 450hp Maserati sourced V8. Whether the V6 will be Fiat’s new Multair or the revised Pentastar is still to be seen, but it sure seems like a good time either way. To further distinguish the 169 from its platform-mates, it will have it’s own suspension and transmission.  All in all, the only thing to be worried about is reliability, seeing as this is a Chrysler-Fiat collaboration.

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